Best Remote Freelance Jobs in Canada 2023

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This article will provide the top remote freelance jobs in Canada you can get quickly. Learn the essential guidelines to secure the remote freelance position and what employers are looking for from freelancers employed by them.

The main benefit of freelancing work is that it allows you to be flexible. It will enable you to work at your convenience and schedule. Most freelance jobs require the following basic abilities: the ability to use computers, communicate and internet-related capabilities.

This is because most remote freelance positions are available online. However, you must submit a bid or convince the hiring person, and, most importantly, you must know how to utilize the various platforms these job listings are posted on, such as Fiverr.

Below, I’ll provide a list of the top remote freelance opportunities available across Canada and the ideal method to get yourself on one of them.

Best Remote Freelance Jobs in Canada 2023

Writing Jobs

With blogs, websites and e-learning websites popping on the scene every day, there is a massive requirement for authors of the content. This includes writing articles, sales documents, products, descriptions of courses, movies, novel scripts and newsletters; the possibilities are endless. If you’re skilled at writing, look into a job as a freelancer as a way to complement your full-time work or to create an additional source of revenue.

Additionally, if you’d like to write but aren’t sure how to approach it professionally, you can start by learning classes in writing. Start with platforms such as Udemy, Coursera and YouTube. Utilize these to develop your abilities before beginning your journey into freelance writing.

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Web Development

The world is changing each day, and the world is shifting more toward the technology and science industry. Every business and organization require a website to showcase their services or products. Making yourself a job as a freelance web developer is among the most rewarding careers you can get.

But to benefit from this, however, you’ll need a good understanding of web design and development. To accomplish this, you should sign up for online classes and courses to learn this essential ability to begin securing pay-per-click gigs for yourself.

Social Media Management

Best Remote Freelance Jobs in Canada 2023

The job of a social media manager is mostly managing various social media pages and accounts of companies or individuals to establish good relations with the public or with customers to increase brand awareness and, most importantly, increase conversions and interest in the brand’s image, which is then run.

In the role of a social-media administrator, you must be highly creative and possess the ability to be patient with people since you’ll interact with people who have diverse ideas, cultures and views. You don’t want to create a negative impression on the brand that you manage.

Virtual/Support Assistant

An agent or support assistant is responsible for the company’s support channels, ranging from live chats to emails to a Crypto Community Manager. Responds to customers’ emails or complaints and then come up with the most appropriate solution to the questions, thus keeping a customer. He also assists visitors, and customers navigate the app or website to look into the site’s functions and the product or service.

Companies Offering Remote Jobs for Freelancers

Here are the top businesses in Canada offering freelancers the opportunity to get remote work depending on their expertise.

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Moneris Corps

The company is located on the streets of Toronto, Canada, specializing in processing payments. When we talk about the best payment processing companies in Canada, they will always be on the list at the top. They assist and support many Canadian businesses with payment collection, increasing their profits and efficiency. There are plenty of opportunities available for freelancers.

IBM Corporation

IBM is a specialist in the development of hardware and consulting. They also offer software and solid storage solutions. They are well-known for their cloud-based services for data analysis for both large and small-scale platforms. There are also opportunities in this business for freelance work.


The well-known Shopify business is also located in Canada. It is an e-commerce business providing cutting-edge tools to sellers to manage their online businesses efficiently. Shopify provides solutions for payment processing as well as marketing inventory. There are many remote freelance opportunities on Shopify, both directly and indirectly, on platforms that utilize tools from Shopify. Shopify tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ll discuss a few of the queries freelancers have asked and give straight and clear, in-depth answers to these questions.

Is Canada Good for Freelancers?

Self-employment is currently taking more of the working population in Canada. Many people are now looking to utilize their talents to make a decent living instead of seeking job opportunities in the office.

How Can One Work Remotely in Canada?

In the beginning, you must be aware of the qualifications required before determining whether you’re qualified for remote work. Most importantly, you need a temporary resident visa and an employment permit to work legally in Canada.

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Which Freelancing Job is Best for Beginners?

If you’re a freelancer, you must be truthful with yourself before you start. Be aware of your limitations and select jobs compatible with your skills. We have already discussed this in our article, and we have mentioned some of the top remote jobs freelancers can take These are also suitable for beginners.


Most people aren’t aware of the money they could earn when they work in the freelancing field in Canada. They concentrate on getting jobs in offices, thus missing out on the possibilities remote freelance jobs can provide.

This article has provided some of the best remote freelance jobs in Canada and a brief list of the best companies that offer these opportunities.

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