British Council Free Online Courses With Certificates 2022

British Council Free Online Courses With Certificates 2022
Written by Bethel Iwundu

British Council Free online courses with certificates is another free online program for those who might be looking for a platform where they can study online for free. The courses are offered to all international students from any part of the world.

International students who are looking for a means to widen their skills and learn more techniques for free can now apply for this program.

Certificates will be issued to students after completing the courses, and the British Council urges students to register for this program as the students will have the opportunity to study in most top universities in the United Kingdom.

Another factor that makes this program unique is that there is a wide range of courses available for interested students, and students can choose courses of their choice and study them while staying at home without paying a dine. 

British Council free online courses with certificates are the best for international students who are not financially stable to travel abroad to study but are interested in gaining knowledge through free courses online to pursue their career.

Since the rise of the covid 19 pandemic, Online classes have become so valuable, many international students who couldn’t travel had classes online, that scenario lifted the value of online learning to everyone in the world.

Another good reason to study online is the comfort online learning provides to students, You don’t have to wake up early and start running to school, rather, you can join the classes where ever you are, which makes it more interesting.

If you apply for this program, you won’t be making any mistakes because you will have enough time to do whatever you want to do and still follow up your classes online. All the courses will be taught in the English language. So, make your dreams a reality by choosing a free online course today.

However, students are not charged for the free courses but if you want a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree, there will be a fee.

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More Details about The British Council Free Online Courses With Certificates

Courses offered

  • Teaching
  • Languages
  • Study Skills
  • Literature

The platform of Learning: Online

Eligibility Region: All countries

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Eligibility Criteria For The British Council Free Online Courses With Certificates

  • Applicants can apply from any country
  • You must have access to the internet
  • You must have a Smartphone/laptop
  • Applicants can apply from Colleges or universities
  • No age or gender restriction


  • There is no fee for short online courses
  • Students will be issued a certificate after completing the program
  • Courses are self-paced, students can learn according to their time availability
  • It will be an addition to your CV

How To Apply For The The British Council Free Online Courses With Certificates

  • Click on the “Apply Now” button provided below to navigate to the application website
  • On the site Choose your course of interest and follow the other procedures carefully

  Apply Now


Online free courses were rear opportunities when the world had not gone technological, but today anyone from anywhere can access knowledge through the internet whenever they want. So, apply for the British council free online courses with certificates today, and become your dream.

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