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We will discuss the Cheapest universities in Netherlands in this articleTalk about the class and beauty in one nation, and the Netherlands won’t be excluded from the discussion.

The Netherlands is among the top nations of Europe that offers the best value for money in education.

The Universities you can find in the Netherlands, either public or private, are top-of-the-line and equipped with all sorts of facilities and tools designed to aid students while they learn.

If you’re planning to attend a university in the Netherlands and the Netherlands, it would be wise to identify the affordable schools that will assist you in making the proper budget.

Sure, the school might be affordable, but the tutors and learning quality are of a high standard. Instruction isn’t cheap. They created it in a way that those who could not pay for the costly schools could still be able to cope and attain the same standard as the elite.

This article will examine some of the Cheapest Universities in the Netherlands. We will be aware of the amount they pay for tuition and the locations of each school.

All you have to do is go through the entire article and be sure to share it with others, as they may need to read this.

One of the advantages of studying in the Netherlands is the possibility to participate in various recruitment opportunities offered there.

Netherlands universities led the QS world university rankings in the top 100 universities of 2022. most prestigious universities in the world.

Netherlands Govt is focused on providing citizens and international students the best possible experience when they need education. Affordable but top-quality learning is precisely what they promise, and they’re taking their time to deliver it.

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5 Cheapest Universities in Netherlands

In this article, we will talk about the top but affordable universities you can find in the Netherlands.

University of Amsterdam

As for the name, be aware that this school is controlled by the government and is a public school.

The majority of public school is costly. The reason is that the government does not look at the financial benefits of the school; instead, they seek to educate high-quality and skilled students in society.

While the educational sector also played a role in economic growth, they prefer quality education over quantity, which has helped them recognize it internationally.

The University of Amsterdam is among the most prestigious institutions in the country, offering many possibilities for students.

It is located in the gorgeous city of Amsterdam at 1012WX Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you’re in the city, there are still alternatives such as going to films and other activities for recreation.

If you want to study at the University of Amsterdam you want to learn; you must be required to pay tuition fees between EUR2,000 to EUR8,000.

University of Groningen

Groningen is one of The most stunning cities in the State of Netherlands and has numerous institutions under its care.

This is the state-run central university since they aren’t just famous for their traditional students but also affordable and affordable for local and International students.

It is incredibly uncommon to find a public university that offers similar prices to students from both local and International students in terms of tuition fees.

With excellent facilities, The school offers a variety of programs like Law, Art Medicine, Law, etc.

The school collaborates with other universities all over the globe to make sure their students are treated fairly.

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The school provides postgraduate and undergraduate courses. Students in the undergraduate program will pay between EUR2,000 and EUR9,000 in fees for tuition, while students enrolled in postgraduate studies can expect to pay up to $15,000

  • Tuition fee: EUR2,000 – EUR9,000
  • Address: 9712 CP Groningen, Netherlands

University of Twente

It is among the most affordable schools not just in the Netherlands but as well throughout Europe.

In the gorgeous city of Enschede, The university is known for its research conducted by the public. It is recognized throughout the world as the only location where you can pursue your chosen course and be a master in it.

The school is often thought to be old due to the record they hold in the nation. However, it’s still a school that is young.

  • Tuition Fee Between EUR2,000 and EUR9,000.
  • Address: Drienerlolaan 5, 7522 NB Enschede, Netherlands

Delft University of Technology

This school is one of the most ancient Tech schools that you can find located in Delft, Beautiful Delft city. Delft.

After so many years of great accomplishment and presence, the universities of technology have grown to become the only institution with all the facilities that will enable students to become top in their various research subjects.

To join this school, be sure you can pay the tuition, which is slightly more expensive than other schools.

  • Tuition fee: EUR2,500 – EUR15,000 (undergraduates)
  • Postgraduate studies: EUR18,000
  • Address: Mekelweg 5, 2628 CD Delft, Netherlands

Fontys University of Applied Science

The city is located in the stunning town of Eindhoven; international students love fonts very much.

This is among the schools with the highest student population across the Netherlands.

Due to the size of its population, the company had to establish an additional branch in a different city in the Netherlands.

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They are also well-known for the variety of classes they provide for students in undergraduate and postgraduate study.

  • Tuition Fee Between EUR2,000 and EUR15,000
  • Address: De Lismortel 25, 5612 AR Eindhoven, Netherlands


Is there a Free University in the Netherlands?

There aren’t free universities in the Netherlands; however, the government has made it simple for people to attend university by reducing due tuition fees.

Is the Netherlands affordable in the eyes of international students?

The Netherlands is known worldwide as having the most effective education system and the least expensive one.

The tuition cost for students in the Netherlands ranges from EUR2,000 to EUR15,000 annually, based on the college you have applied to.

Are the costs in the Netherlands accessible to students?

If you have the chance to go to school at a university in Europe, the Netherlands should be your first choice, and we also have a list of some of the Cheapest schools in the country.

The opportunity to learn In the Netherlands is very cheap and affordable. You can choose from the options we’ve explained in the previous paragraphs.

Do you have the possibility to work and learn in the Netherlands?

Not everyone has the chance to be fully funded. It is feasible to be working and be able to continue your studies.


We’ve listed some of the Cheapest universities in Netherlands. You can begin your application to any of these universities.

Here at Naijatechguide, We bring you the most recent information regarding how you can pursue your studies in another country.

If you have any questions or need more information for more information, leave a comment below.

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