How to Start a Tech Blog To Make Money

There are many Reasons why you should start a tech blog. the tech blog will give you the perfect platform to show others your point of view and share your journey or experience with tech. You’ll also be able to connect with other tech lovers and create an engaged community of friends to whom you can recommend tech products and advice.

If you’re a full-time blogger, starting a Tech blog may not be a problem for you as you have enough time. like relationshiphub

If you’re a part-time blogger, if you have at least 2 hours a day for blogging, with no other blogs, then you may consider starting a Tech blog.  When you concentrate on a particular niche, it is likely that you come up with unique ideas.

 Reasons why you should start a tech blog.

Review Tech Products

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Improve Your Writing Skills

Make Money

Share Your Journey and Experience

Explain Tech to Newbies

Free Conventions and Events.

Types of Tech Niches

Tech Support with Common Issues:

Tech Repair

Tech Company Information.







Remember, you must choose a niche that is exciting enough that you will be motivated to frequently write. The niche should also be accessible enough to allow you to build an audience.

Tech blog may need frequent updating 

Depending upon the niche you choose in tech, you may need frequent updates of your blog. If you cover the latest tech news in all the tech fields, you need to publish 5 – 10 posts a day. If you are planning to cover the entire tech from programming to Android, you need at least 2-3 posts a day for your tech blog to succeed.

If you cover only niche-related things like Android, iOS, and Windows, 2-3 posts a week will be enough.

On the other end of the spectrum, if the niche goes broader, your blog demands more posting frequency.

When it comes to content, in tech niche the content is really low as technology is growing exponentially. We are at the peak of the technological curve.

The content you publish today on “best laptops” will be out-of-date in like 3 months – when a new laptop comes out. Smartphones will be out-of-date in like 1 month!

Coming to Google Search Console , when the niche competition is low, it indexes your blog post higher. Because it has no other content on the same, to rank.

For this, you need to be well informed about what’s trending.

Now, for example, the Android, wearables, and app development are trending. They are the future. From 2017, the cryptocurrencies are also buzzing. There are many crypto-writers and bloggers who’re getting paid a great sum of money. If you are a blogger, you need to be an avid learner and willing to be a student for your lifetime irrespective of the niche.

In search of new information, it’s easy to suffer from information overload. So, it’s important for you to make use of tools like Google Alerts, apps like Feedly (an RSS feed reader), Flipboard, to subscribe to a handful of quality blogs to get tech updates.

Another great way to stay informed is to have Facebook newsfeed work for you. Start adding other bloggers in the space as your friends on Facebook!

In the tech space, if you are in a specific space like I do (in blogging and content marketing), it’ll be much easier to stay informed of the latest know-how.

That is everything you need to know to get started right now creating a tech blog.. Just remember, focus on creating high-quality, useful, and relevant content that resonates with the people in your niche and the traffic and monetization will follow.

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