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Iceland Visa for Africans, Requirements and How to Apply 2023

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If you are having difficulties applying for Iceland Visa for Africans, we will find the solution ever right here. One thing to be aware of when talking about Iceland is the fact that Iceland is among the most secure countries around the globe.

Based on the ranking system, Iceland’s security is stringent and has been able to reduce its crime rate to the extent that the state will be one.

In all the beautiful places of Iceland, you can be confident that Icelanders are extremely friendly.

According to statistics, Iceland is very populated since it is regarded as the 18th-highest populated island in the world. Additionally, it was ranked second in Europe, following Great Britain.

When you go to any country such as Thailand, the United Kingdom, the USA and others, you’ll require Visa, and this is one of the few things that can grant you a free ticket.

This article will examine the criteria necessary to obtain a Visa in Iceland.

We can also walk you through the steps to apply 2022 for the Iceland Visa 2022 for Africans 2022.

If you’re planning to go on a trip and your destination is Iceland, you must be aware of the type of Visa to apply for, as visas have different purposes.

So, before we dig deep into how to apply for the Iceland Visa, let’s explain to you the various kinds of visas available in Iceland.

Types of Iceland Visa For Africans

Iceland Visa for Africans Requirements and How to Apply 2023

We will examine the kinds of visas offered to Africans who want to visit Iceland.

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If you are travelling for reasons of tourism or to school or work, it is essential to understand the category that the Visa is in and the details to fill out your Visa Application Form.

Long Term Visa

This kind of Visa is granted to those who are planning to remain for a long time in the country for work or other reasons.

The people who can obtain a long-term visa include International students or anyone who works in that country when you are married, your spouse lives in the country, or if your family members are there.

Apart from the individuals mentioned above, Others can fall into the next grouping.

Remember that every person is required to meet, and it must be met before being accepted or given a Visa.

Short Term

If you’re travelling to Iceland for a short-term trip, it is this Visa that you must apply for. The people who require this short-term Visa are business people who are just on an excursion, tourists and, of course, those who are in transit.

A short-term Visa is generally approved more quickly than a long-term one because they know you do not intend to stay there for a long time.

Requirements For Iceland Visa For Africans

Let’s look at the various things that must be done as a character and documents wise if you wish for a trip into Iceland to be an African.

This is just one of the steps to your Visa being granted. The following one is for you to pass the interview and be in good health.

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To save you time, here are the steps required to apply for a Visa for Iceland.

  • You must have an international passport with at least two pages of validity remaining and is not near expiration
  • It is recommended that you have a passport photo that shows your face in all its glory and you at the camera.
  • Glasses are acceptable, provided they do not protect your face from being visible.
  • If you’ve had a previous visa, you’ll need to take a photocopy of it and then submit all documents required.
  • Create a photocopy from the passport data sheet, which is in which your photo is
  • Include a clear letter stating the reason you’re going to Iceland. In. Your letter, the date of departure, should be in the letter, and you should return it if you are going on a short term.
  • Also, take a photocopy of your ticket to the airport along with the date and time of departure
  • Health insurance is extremely crucial, and you will need to carry health insurance (have one copy)
  • If you’re going as a married individual, You must be able to prove it by presenting the marriage certificate.
  • You should have all your documents in order, like birth certificates and any other important documents.
  • If the application you are submitting isn’t submitted in your country, you must show that you are legally residing in the country that
  • If you are required to establish an account balance sufficient to cover the time you plan to remain in Iceland.
  • If you are going to the event for business purposes, You must present your certificate of company registration
  • If you are an employee, you must be able to show your employment letter
  • You must provide evidence of your retirement account if you’re a retired worker.
  • Make payment for the application fee via the embassy, bank transfer or any other option offered by the Embassy.
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How to Apply for Iceland Visa for Africans

Take Nigeria to be an illustration. Iceland has no Embassy in Nigeria, and, in this case, you must go through Shegan state since Iceland has a part in Shangan state.

You can also contact them via their British High Commissioner in Abuja, Nigeria, using the following email address and phone number.


How much is the Iceland Visa for Nigeria

Those going for a long-term Visa will have to pay N40,000. Those who are applying for a short-term Visa will pay N20,000.

Do South Africans go to Iceland without having a visa?

If you are planning to travel to Iceland, it is best to travel with an active Visa.

When do I apply for an Iceland visa?

If you’re planning to visit Iceland, the best time to make an application for visas is four months before your date of travel.


Iceland is a stunning country that is home to many lovely people.

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