Uber Launches in Cape Coast and Takoradi

Uber Launches in Cape Coast and Takoradi

Uber has launched in Cape Coast and Takoradi! Start your Uber journey and your road to potential earnings by receiving trip requests in Cape Coast and Takoradi.

Pricing is about finding the right balance between the fare that encourages more riders on the road while ensuring that the basic economics for drivers are sustainable.

Uber launched Cape Coast and Takoradi with the fare structure below:

  • Base fare: GHS1.60
  • Per Km: GHS0.66
  • Per min: GHS0.30
  • Minimum Fare: GHS4.00

All new vehicles must be inspected before hitting the road. for more information about Uber visit Here


Please review our driver requirements, vehicle requirements and marketplace terms of service to better understand your access to and use of the Uber app in the new cities. These will guide you in offering your services on the Uber platform.


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